Selling At Retail Now Offering a Rapid Path to Business Ownership

May 21, 2014

Company Brings Ideas to Market in Just Three Months

Selling at Retail is offering prospective business owners and inventors a rare opportunity -- to successfully develop and market a new product in a matter of weeks.

Edgar Davis, company CEO, said Selling At Retail will work closely with product inventors to successfully bring their product to market.

"We will collaborate with you on your idea or invention," he said. "This means we'll create stunning prototypes, design store-ready packaging, handle messaging, build your sales team. Basically we walk you through the entire process."

Davis, a successful entrepreneur whose companies have helped sell millions of individual items, said the Selling At Retail process is a comprehensive one. 

"We give you tasks, we educate you and in the end you have a dense, tangible, working business," he said. "We give you the know how and the tools to be successful."

Selling at Retail has worked with numerous major global firms and top manufacturing companies. Davis said the company works with inventors with innovative products, links them up with manufacturing companies and helps with retail sales.

The end result is a brand new business with an exciting new product on the retail market.

"Our goal is to help inventors move from concept to reality to retail," Davis said.

Selling At Retail:

Selling At Retail ( is a leading retail strategy firm that helps customers turn their ideas into products that can be sold at major retailers. Selling At Retail assists with product manufacturing, sales team creation, prototype construction, business education and marketing and public relations. Edgar Davis has been helping individuals and business for two decades and has helped sell hundreds of millions of dollars in products.

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